Abad Rahdar Pars Company

Regarding the investment of Abad Rahan Pars International Group in construction of freeways based on the law on the construction of civil projects in road and transportation sector through the participation of banks and other financial and monetary resources of the country, this group in 2011, established Abad Rahdar Pars Company with the main mission of road maintenance and freeways operation; Although with the growth and development of this company, a wide range of construction projects and services have been added to its initial business portfolio, and currently, Abad Rahdar Pars Company has grade 3 in field of road and transportation, grade 5 in field of building and structure and grade 5 in field of oil and gas from Plan and Budget Organization of the Country.

This company has succeeded in obtaining HSE qualification certificate of contractors and qualification certificate of service companies from the Ministry of Cooperatives Labour and Social Welfare, as well as ISO 9001:2008 certificate.

Abad Rahdar Pars Company with the benefit of experienced manpower, appropriate machinery in terms of quantity and quality and the necessary financial capacity is one of the few active specialized companies and appreciated by Iran’s Road Maintenance & Transportation Organization in the fields of road maintenance and freeways operation.

♦ Services
– Engineering & Design
– Project Management
– Procurement
– Construction
– Pre-Commissioning and Commissioning
– Operation and Maintenance
– Financing
– Investment
– Imports & Exports

♦ Fields of Activities
– Road Maintenance Services
– Asphalt Sealing & Asphalt Coating
– Road Marking
– Guardrail Installation, Repair and Maintenance
– Production of New Jersey Barriers
– Production of Road Billboards
– Road Signs Installation, Repair and Maintenance
– Creation and Maintenance of Green Spaces
– Providing Maintenance Services in Industries and Factories
– Well-head Facilities and Pipelines
– Road, Highway, and Freeway
– Bridge
– Building
– Oil and Gas Industries

♦ Machinery & Equipment
– Excavator
– Wheel Loader
– Motor Grader
– Skid-Steer Loader
– Mini Compactor
– Bobcat
– Asphalt Crack Filling Machine
– Road Marking Machine
– Road Marking Removal Machine
– Guardrail Roll Forming Machine
– Pneumatic Guardrail Pile Driver
– Cutter Machine
– Hydraulic Hammer
– Snowplow
– Salt Spreader

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