Quality Policy

We, Abad Rahan Pars International Group, consistently meet or exceed our customers’ expectations and responsibly manage quality risks in services supplied. Our commitment is to never compromise on the quality of our services. We seek to ensure that customer satisfaction is lasting and to maintain sustainable relations with our customers.

ARP International Group has established, documented, implemented and improved an effective Quality Management System:
. To meet the needs and expectations of its clients, employees and stakeholders
. To ensure the achievement of its strategic goals
. To maintain the quality of the services it offers
. To provide work efficiency
. To do the work well and correctly
. To complete the work on time-budget-quality
. To ensure that the processes are carried out effectively
. To ensure that the processes produce the expected results
. To meet national and international quality standards
. To establish an infrastructure for employee training and development

ARP’s Quality Management System is fully compatible with ISO 9001 and was certified for the first time in 2007. As Abad Rahan Pars International Group, we undertake to implement the following principles to minimize or eliminate the negative effects on our services quality in our works with clients, employees, subcontractors, suppliers, and other stakeholders:
– Promoting a strong culture of quality management within leadership and across the organization.
– Conforming to the Quality Management System requirements and promoting communication for effective Quality Management System.
– Ensuring that the employees act with the mutual responsibility, awareness, and conscious in the operations with respect to quality; raising and enhancing the quality awareness of the employees.
– Promoting all employees to participate in Quality Management System targets through training, education, and communication.
– Identifying and managing risks related to service realization.
– Understanding customers’ and interested parties’ requirements and demands to deliver projects that enhance customer satisfaction.
– Continuously improving the quality of the Quality Management System performance and the works undertaken by blending and incorporating the information and experiences with the outcomes achieved.
– Ramping up and enhancing the productivity by adopting the modern operating and management cognizance and institutionalizing information and experiences.
– Mastering and developing cutting-edge technologies in the entire sectors operated for acting as innovator and pioneer and competing with information and system superiority.
– Verifying its construction quality through quality control, audit, inspection and surveillance, testing and monitoring of activities.

“Customer Satisfaction”
Abad Rahan Pars International Group begins to value its customers’ views and expectations even before the contract is signed and identifies project requirements and the indicators that will allow for the monitoring of whether these requirements have been met in cooperation with the customer.
During the course of the project, ARP International Group provides its customers with a regular flow of information about the level of quality achieved. In this way it seeks to prevent the slightest question mark from arising over the quality of the services which it provides.
In line with its customer-oriented approach to business, ARP conducts customer satisfaction surveys upon the completion of projects and views this practice as one of the most important mechanisms for stakeholder feedback. Survey results are treated as important data in improving process performance, system updating work, and the formation of action plans.

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