Human Resources Policy

The Human Resources Policy of Abad Rahan Pars International Group adopts a participative and value-creating human resources management approach based on the principles of change and transformation within the scope of Mission, Vision, and Values of ARP International Group.

– Abad Rahan Pars International Group gives top priority to the process of attracting and retaining the most talented professionals in the field, who consistently perform at world-class standards.
– In the light of the Corporate Equality Policy, we provide an atmosphere of fairness, ethic, transparency, safety, stability, and equal opportunity for our employees in workplace supporting gender equality.
– Within the framework of equality, Diversity and Inclusion Policy, we are completely against to discriminatory factors based on all individual characteristics such as gender, religion, ethnicity, language, age, marital status, disability, social origin, and political opinion.
– Disciplinary practices, and all attitudes and behaviors that may violate human dignity such as corporal punishment, physical/psychological pressure, labor exploitation, bias, insults, ill-treatment, harassment and violence are rejected.
– ARP International Group acts with the awareness of social responsibility in preventing the employment of persons under the age of 18 and/or child labor in accordance with laws, legislations and regulations.
– Due to its working principles, ARP pays attention not to exceed the working hours stipulated in the legal legislation, excluding short-term extraordinary business conditions.
– ARP is committed to continuously enhancing the skills, knowledge, expertise, productivity, and effectiveness of its workforce by creating a climate of constant professional development and innovation. We hold various training courses for our employees based on their needs and the employees are encouraged to participate in personal, technical and vocational training programs in accordance with their development requirements. By our Talent Management and Development plans, we aim to enable our employees to continuously improve themselves in line with their career plans and to prepare them for future positions.
– Based on the positions at the organizational level and the competencies of the employees, we pay regard to a fair remuneration system which is compatible with competition and market conditions, fair, and sensitive to the principles of equality. The entire rights of the employees are protected in accordance with the principle of equal pay for the work of equal value.
– By applying a fair, transparent, inclusive, and egalitarian performance evaluation system that measures the knowledge, innovation, experience, effort, commitment, and behavior, system outputs are ensured to form the basis of development and promotion processes.

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