Services and Fields of Activities

Thanks to the hard work and dedication of our employees, we are one of the few companies capable of offering services along the entire construction value chain. At the same time, a dense network of numerous subsidiaries is helping to expand our area of operation. This broad diversification puts us in a position to build cost and resource effectively.

♦ Fields of Activities:

We center our efforts on large projects. We create a pioneering, innovative, and ecologically friendly projects in different fields of activities.

– Road, Highway, and Freeway
– Tunnel and Bridge
– Railway
– Airport
– Building
– Housing
– Hospital
– Industrial Structures
– Oil and Gas Industries
– Refinery
– Petrochemical Complex
– Storage Tanks
– Power Plant
– Substation
– Electric Transmission Lines
– Piping and Pipelines
– Solar Power Plant
– Wind Power Plant
– Dam
– Wastewater Treatment Plant
– Irrigation & Drainage Network
– Water Transmission Lines
– Surface Water System
– Wastewater Network
– Mining and Mine

♦ Services:

Abad Rahan Pars International Group provides a wide range of services in:

– Planning Phase
– Engineering & Design
– Project Management
– Procurement
– Construction
– Pre-Commissioning and Commissioning
– Operation and Maintenance
– Financing
– Investment

Road, Highway & Freeway

Our Capabilities in the Field of Road, Highway and Freeway (RHF)

Efficient infrastructure network is the cornerstone of the global economy. Competitive transportation services operated securely and sustainability of the transportation are essential for growth and development of countries.
Roads, Highways, and Freeways (RHF) are vital elements of all transportation networks since they connect all other transportation means, i.e. railways, airports, and ports to each other. Therefore, the efficiency of the whole transportation system is only possible by the establishment of coordinated infrastructure grids.

ARP’s RHF business-line delivers landmark projects that foster sustainable progress, social-economic growth, safety, and saving time for its clients and communities.
ARP’s involvement in road, highway, and freeway projects began in 1976. Abad Rahan Pars International Group has played a significant role in the participation and construction of freeways, and no Iranian company or group has such a brilliant record in this field.
ARP has constructed 11 freeways so far and is currently constructing 2 freeways. Abad Rahan Pars International Group has participated in the construction and financing of 4 freeways as follows:
– Tehran-Pardis Freeway (PCF & BOT), Completed
– Saveh-Hamedan Freeway, Lot 2 (PCF & BOT), Completed
– Pole Zal-Andimeshk Freeway (PCF & BOT), Completed
– Tabriz-Marand Freeway (EPCF & BOT), Ongoing Project

Experience in construction of freeways in impassable mountainous areas such as Tehran-Shomal freeway (Sections 1 & 2) and Tehran-Pardis freeway, has given the company the ability to manage and construct any freeway in any geographical location. In general, the freeway projects constructed by ARP have been completed with great speed and time difference compared to other companies, and hence several awards and recognitions have been awarded to the company.

During the last 10 years, the secretary of the Committee of Companies Investing in the Country’s Freeways has been entrusted to the Freeway Deputy of ARP International Group by other companies investing in freeways, which has played a significant role in preparing instructions and following up issues related to freeways.

In addition to in Iran, ARP International Group has constructed roads and highways in Pakistan, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Afghanistan, and Iraq.

Bridge & Tunnel

Our Capabilities in the Field of Bridge and Tunnel

♦ Bridge
Bridges take a special role in land transportation infrastructure because they connect different points that usually can be inaccessible. Bridges are widely used to cross rivers, valleys, lakes, and roads, providing a passage with other parts of the land since ancient times to modernity. Bridges have purpose to carry the traffic loads, crossing any obstacle and perform an effective communication between two destinations. Since there are many variables to consider the performance of the bridges, such geometry, span length, available materials, soil characteristics, and traffic flow, so a great variety of bridges can be designed and constructed.

Abad Rahan Pars International Group has constructed hundreds of steel and concrete bridges in road, highway, freeway, urban interchanges, and railway projects in various geographical locations, more than half of which are long bridges with large spans.
– Pole Zal-Andimeshk Freeway, Spans Length (m): 55 + 100 + 55 & 50 + 90 + 50
– Tehran-Shomal Freeway (Section 2 – Lot C), Spans Length (m): 60 + 102 + 102 + 57
– Tehran-Shomal Freeway (Section 2 – Lot C), Spans Length (m): 55 + 94 + 94 + 52
– Mianeh-Tabriz Railway (Lot 9), Spans Length (m): 50 × 20
– Interchange of 72 Tan Square of Qom, Max. Span Length (m): 57, Bridge Length (m): 330

In the construction of the different bridges, we have used the following bridge-building methods:
– Cast in-situ Method
– Precast Method
– Span-by-Span Method
– Balanced Cantilever Method
– Incremental Launching Method

♦ Tunnel
Tunnels are underground passages used for carrying freights and passengers, water, sewage, etc., and are attractive solutions for roadways, railways, public utilities, and telecommunications. Tunnel construction for transport routes is becoming increasingly important worldwide. Tunnels transform transportation networks by linking nations, uniting communities, and reducing travel time.
A good tunnel is defined by a series of crucial aspects. These include being impermeable to water and other outside elements, as well as being generally safe and having points of egress. Before a tunnel is constructed, there needs to be a suitable geotechnical investigation and design stage to determine how a tunnel will comport with the geological conditions in place. Moreover, it must be ensured that a tunnel is protected against geological events such as an earthquake or tremor. A proper tunnel should have a long service life and minimum maintenance requirements. Finally, a tunnel must have minimal impact on the environment during construction and operation.

With over 45 years of experience, ARP has expertise in construction of all forms of transport tunnels, including work for the roads, highways, freeways, and railways. It means that you can draw on our experience, across various ground conditions – whether soft ground, hard rock, or mixed face – in big cities, active seismic areas, mountain passes, and under bodies of water.
Abad Rahan Pars International Group has constructed tens of kilometers of tunnels in road, highway, freeway, urban, and railway projects in various geographical locations.
– Tehran-Shomal Freeway (Section 2 – Lot C), Tunnel Length: 1189 m, Cross-Sectional Area: 133 m2
– Tehran-Shomal Freeway (Section 2 – Lot C), Tunnel Length: 1170 m, Cross-Sectional Area: 100 m2
– Ahram-Farashband Road (Lot 2), Tunnel Length: 2,605 m, Cross-Sectional Area: 110 m2
– Mianeh-Tabriz Railway (Lot 8-A), Tunnel Length: 2,800 m, Cross-Sectional Area: 114 m2

In the construction of the different tunnels, we have used the following tunneling methods:
– Cut and Cover Method
– Sequential Excavation Method (NATM)
– Drill and Blast Method

And we have special machinery and equipment for tunneling such as Road Header, Drum Cutter, and Jumbo Drill.


Our Capabilities in the Field of Urban

Urban construction projects, in line with the needs of the city and citizens, are the most important factor in the successful implementation of urban development plans and over time form the identity of the city, so paying attention to these projects is a requirement of urban management.

Abad Rahan Pars International Group has been active in implementing various urban construction projects and has built several city parks and mosques, kilometers of urban intersections and interchanges, and kilometers of urban highways.


Our Capabilities in the Field of Railway

The sustainability of transport has been discussed over the last two decades due to the need to reduce Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions and control climate change. The concept of sustainable transport can be explained as the transportation of goods and people while ensuring economic and social well-being and reducing undesirable impacts on the environment and society in general. Sustainability in the transport sector is linked to 8 of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) proposed by the United Nations (UN).
Railways play a crucial role in sustainable development of transportation systems contributing to the economic growth of every country because the development of trade, industry, and commerce of a country largely depends on the development of transportation infrastructure.
Rail transport can be cost effective and is eco-friendlier than other types of transport, reliable, incredibly safe, and speedy. It is least affected by weather conditions and traffic jams and is suitable for carrying bulky and heavy goods over longer distances.

ARP’s involvement in railway projects began in 1994 and has constructed hundreds of kilometers of railways. Abad Rahan Pars International Group is currently constructing Shiraz-Bushehr-Assalouyeh Railway (Lot 10-A & 10-B).


Our Capabilities in the Field of Airport

Air transport is considered an important part of the transportation infrastructure and it has a great impact on urbanization as well as long-term economic growth. Air transport is a major employer and generates tens of millions of jobs in all around the world. Air transport provides significant social benefits and may provide the only transportation means in remote areas, thus promoting social inclusion. By facilitating tourism, air transport helps generate economic growth and alleviate poverty. It is a driver of global trade and e-commerce, allowing globalization of production.
Airports significantly add to local economy and facilitate a country’s integration into the global economy and also provide social benefits to the society. However, together with the socioeconomic benefits, airports adversely affect to the surrounding environments, ecology, and society. Therefore, the efforts must be made to build and develop the “sustainable airports”.

Abad Rahan Pars International Group has participated in the construction or development of 9 airports so far, such as Mehrabad, Khorramabad, Ardabil, Shahrekord, Sanandaj, Ilam, Yasuj, and Herat (Afghanistan) Airports.

We are able to build all the components of an airport, such as Runway, Taxiway, Apron, Aircraft Stand, Hangar, Control Tower, Helicopter Stand, Fire Station, Terminal Building, Parking Lot, and all of other facilities.


Our Capabilities in the Field of Building

The Building Industry in many countries has an undeniable role in generating investment opportunities and generating wealth and value added in the economy. This industry directly and indirectly creates jobs for a large number of people, and the performance of many industries in countries is related to the prosperity of the building sector.

Abad Rahan Pars International Group has built hundreds of thousands of square meters of various types of buildings, including multifunctional buildings, commercial buildings, office & administration buildings, industrial buildings, hotel, housing, and hospital.

We are currently building one of the largest and most advanced hospitals in the Middle East in Tehran, Dr. Shariati Hospital (1000-Bed Hospital), and we are in the final stages of building non-industrial buildings of Marjan Petrochemical Complex.

Oil, Gas & Energy

Our Capabilities in the Field of Oil, Gas and Energy

Oil and Gas sectors are major industries in the Energy market and play an influential role in the global economy as the world’s primary fuel sources. The processes and systems involved in producing and distributing oil and gas are highly complex, capital-intensive, and require state-of-the-art technology.
Considered being the biggest sector in the world in terms of dollar value, the oil & gas sector is a global powerhouse using hundreds of thousands of workers worldwide and generating hundreds of billions of dollars globally each year. In regions which house the major oil and gas companies, these companies are so vital they often contribute a significant amount towards national GDP.
The oil & gas sector is usually divided into three major areas:
1. Upstream: exploration, extraction, and production of crude oil, natural gas, and gas condensate.
2. Midstream: transportation, storage, and processing of oil, gas, and gas condensate.
3. Downstream: refining crude oil and purifying natural gas into various end products and also marketing and commercial distribution of these products to consumers and end users in a number of forms including natural gas, diesel oil, petrol, gasoline, lubricants, kerosene, jet fuel, tar, heating oil, LPG as well as a number of other types of petrochemical products.

Abad Rahan Pars International Group is currently one of the leading contractors active in the country’s oil, gas, and energy projects. The diligence of the group’s management in carrying out projects on time and completing them in the best way possible, relying on experienced human resources and a fleet of heavy machinery and specialized equipment, has led to the success of projects and the group’s reputation, which has been the main motivation of employers in handing over new projects to the group.
ARP has started its activity in oil, gas, and energy sectors since 2000 in Pars Special Economic Energy Zone and since then, by successfully completing several projects in the country, it has created a good name and lasting wealth. ARP has constructed tens of large projects in the various fields of oil, gas, and energy sectors as follows:
– Midstream Industries
– Downstream Industries
– Refineries & Petrochemical Complexes
– Storage Tanks
– Power Plants
– Substations
– Electric Transmission Lines
– Piping and Pipelines

Our current landmark projects in oil, gas, and energy sectors include the following:
– Engineering, procurement, construction, installation, pre-commissioning, and commissioning of the second phase of petrochemical and oil tank storages of Farasakou Assaluyeh.
– Power supply for Pump stations 1 & 2 in Goreh-Jask Pipeline Project, which includes engineering, procurement, construction, installation, and commissioning of four substations (400/132 – 230/63 – 230/11 – 132/11 kV), and development of a 230 kV substation, and 108 kilometers 132 & 230 kV transmission lines (EPC).
– Procurement, construction, and installation of Mehr Petro Kimia Petrochemical Complex.

Solar & Wind Power Plants

Our Capabilities in the Field of Solar and Wind Power Plants

Renewable Energy is energy from sources that are naturally replenishing but flow-limited. Renewable resources are virtually inexhaustible in duration but limited in the amount of energy that is available per unit of time. It includes sources such as sunlight, wind, rain, tides, waves, and geothermal heat.
Renewable energies are also often referred to as “green energies” or “clean energies”. Still, this doesn’t mean that these energies aren’t harmful to the environment and have zero impact. Nonetheless, they have a low environmental impact compared to fossil fuels. That is why they are increasingly becoming important elements in companies’ CSR strategies in terms of sustainable development.
Solar Power Plants utilize thermal energy from the sun to produce energy, which is abundant, available, intermittent, yet cheap.
Wind Power Plants, also called “wind power station” or “wind farm” or “wind park”, are a group of wind turbines in the same location used to produce electricity. Wind power plants vary in size from a small number of turbines to several hundred wind turbines covering an extensive area. Wind power plants can be either onshore or offshore.

Abad Rahan Pars International Group is able to build a variety of solar and wind power plants in any size and geographical location and provide all engineering, procurement, construction, pre-commissioning, and commissioning services.

Water & Wastewater

Our Capabilities in the Field of Water and Wastewater

Abad Rahan Pars International Group has constructed dozens of projects in Water and Wastewater sector in the following fields:
– Dams
– Water & Wastewater Treatment Plants
– Irrigation & Drainage Networks
– Water Transmission Lines
– Wastewater and Surface Water Networks


Our Capabilities in the Field of Mine

Abad Rahan Pars International Group provides the following services in the field of mining:
– Implementation of all stages of exploration from preliminary to detailed
– Processing of satellite images and introduction of mineral prone areas
– Estimating the amount of storage and design of open pit and underground mines
– Performing processing tests and concept designing of gold and copper processing plants
– Execution of EPC contracts of gold and copper processing plants
– Investment in mining projects in all steps, including exploration, extraction, and processing

Our ongoing project in the field of mining is “Investment and construction of a gold ingot production plant with an annual capacity of 200 kg in the area of Hired Gold Mine (EPCF)”.

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