Abad Keifiat Pars Company

Abad Keifiat Pars Company began its activity in 2009. The fields of activities of this company are Conducting tests on soil, concrete, asphalt, stone, cement, bitumen and all construction materials based on national and international standards, Strength testing of building materials, Providing materials, concrete and asphalt mix designs, Providing geotechnical services and determining allowable subsoil pressure, Providing engineering services and technical inspection of materials and welds and all destructive and non-destructive testing, Providing all study and laboratory services of minerals, processing of minerals and characterization and identification of materials as well as physical tests on soil, stones and minerals, Providing mechanical and manual drilling services to determine the classification of layers, Establishment of a quality control unit in road construction, building, dam and port sites.

Due to its very modern equipment and experienced staff with brilliant work records, this company has consulting services qualification certificate from the Plan and Budget Organization of the Country and has also succeeded in obtaining ISO 9001:2015 certificate.

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