Abad Felez Pars Company

Abad Felez Pars Company was founded in 2009 with the participation of Abad Rahan Pars International Group, Rah Shahr International Group and Industrial Development and Renovation Organization of Iran (IDRO).

Abad Felez Pars Company and Abad Abnieh Pars Company, another subsidiary of Abad Rahan Pars International Group, are sister companies that cooperate diligently to develop new methods in prefabricated and industrial structures for building mass production.

The company’s scope of activities consists of design and construction of prefabricated steel / bolt & nut structures for either residential or non-residential buildings.

With commitment to quality as the main indicator, this company has the ability to carry out projects in the shortest time in the form of simultaneous design and construction, using standard and high-quality materials. Also, in the design and construction of the projects, it has always tried to make use of its R&D unit and take advantage of new technologies compatible with nature, to build light-weight and safe structures.

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