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   We might be aware of human's values, in order to be able to care about health of working people, even those who in some ways, they interact with working environment. Although, lawful requirements and economical costs, can be a justification for carrying out safety principals, professional hygiene and environment, but the most important reason for implementation of those tasks is nothing other than humanity.
 We all knew that development and construction projects in a broad spectrum, are venerable to dangers, so far that industrial accidents comparing with every other industries, has had a higher place.           
    Researches and polling also indicates that, incurred direct and indirect costs caused by accidents, professional ailing care and environmental hazards prevention. 
   Therefore, as the largest member of construction industry, we put our efforts to protect our financial and spiritual resources of our dear country, Iran in order to have a small share in preservation of our national interests. We have fairly experienced that, this goal will be achieved only by coordination between the involving agents like our commitment and emphatic of management and staffs.
   Todays, all agents put their efforts to materialize their goals in health area of the workers. In addition, we put our efforts that by utilization of the newest safety management system and professional health care, to create a revolution in business atmosphere for increasing the production rate and at the end, sustainable development.
   For many years, our colleagues in HSE department, in addition to provision of consultancy and monitoring services, they are helping our company in health care area.
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