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Connection to University

 These days, for analyzing a successful institution, almost none of the enterprises may consider their fortunate situation without educating and training programs for their human resources. Surveys shows that, successful and advanced companies has shown their upmost interest to educate and train their staffs during the working hours. By reviewing the websites of such companies like, NASA, ESA, Boeing Airbus, Motorola and etc. it shows that training and educating the personnel is very important and these companies have their own issues in this area, even they put a step forward and established their own educational centers and technical universities to educate and train technical skills to their human assets. The goal of these companies is to provide the opportunity for education and training job skills for all of their employees, in order to stand in the best industry competitive position and continuously improve their productivity by increasing ad valorem to their efforts. Surveys of ARP shows that, stepping in education at work requires: commitment, belief in the higher management in the organization with educational disciplines for promotion of human resources.
Company establishment Review
Abad Rahan pars International Group, by relying on his capabilities and expertise in execution of project, research, educations and beyond that, to benefit from whole Group wisdom concentrated knowledge as an outputs obtained from gathering and carrying out the decisions for the promotion of the Company with following goals:
  • Increasing education and skills' level of human resources.
  • Arranging training courses for expert human resources of the Group and subsidiaries.
  • Upgrading the quality of development projects by assigning expert manpower on the project.
  • Popularizing and dissemination of related educational courses in the country.
  • Upgrading the knowledge and education of existing technical activities with up to date technology.
  • Securing the national assets by increasing durability of constructed roads and technical structures.
  • Participation in growth and development of our beloved Iran.

Seriously and Officially the request for establishment of a higher education center for Post-High School Diploma and BS level courses as modular methods in the field of Engineering Technology, Mechanical engineering for heavy road construction maintenance and repair(Discontinuous, from Post-high Diploma to BS), Electrical and Machineries Mechanics (Discontinuous, Post –Diploma level), Technology Safety Engineering for Railway and Metro (Discontinuous, Post –Diploma level), Engineering Technology for road maintenance (Discontinuous, Post –Diploma level) and Tunnel Engineering  (Discontinuous, Post –Diploma level) has been submitted.
For the above purpose, in parallel, communications with related Centers and Entities including Comprehensive Scientific and Vocational University, Ministry of Road and Urban Development (Formerly, Ministry of Road and Transportation), Ministry of Industries, Mines and Commerce (Formerly, Ministry of Industries and Mines) started, in addition to the above communications, definition of the educational fields, headlines, preparation of building plans for setting out the education center, recognition of qualified instructors and etc. carried concurrently.
After obtaining the initial approvals from government bodies, On November 28th, 2011, Abad Rahan Pars, by sending a commitment letter to the Office of Comprehensive Scientific and Vocational University, declared his readiness for holding Scientific and Vocational courses of Modular education system of Road Construction, Road Maintenance, Tunneling and Road Construction Machineries and Equipment Mechanic.
After reviewing Abad Rahan Pars International Company's documents and visiting the facilities, equipment and devoted educational spaces by the panel, on December 31st, 2011 they agreed for holding courses of second semester 2011-2012 and evaluating panel of Comprehensive Scientific and Vocational University declared that, ARP has higher cumulative potentials for holding optimized courses and in future we will witness remarkable successes and progresses of ARP first level Education Center.